If there is something you can not miss is the hake…

For many of our customers we are possibly the best hake in Madrid. We humbly love to hear it, but above all it motivates us to continue giving ourselves to our profession in this way.

Nearly 30,000 dishes of this tasty fish leave our kitchen every year to delight lovers of good gastronomy.

And now, speaking in seafaring terms,

do you know what is first row hake? In short, it is the last hake that the boat catches before returning to port, the freshest of the fresh!

Those are the ones we choose for our kitchen, one by one, straight from Galicia to your palate.

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We offer you the best of Galicia in our house

Following tradition and family experience, we want to offer you the best Galician products, not forgetting a blink to other regions that have also taught us and contributed plenty


We always seek for QUALITY; we treat the product with LOVE and we work for you to enjoy the COMFORT of our facilities.

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