Passion for Galician gastronomy

Pazo Coruña is the history of a family’s passion for Galician cuisine, especially seafood. It is also the history of the coming and going of Galicians all over the world that inevitably gave rise to a mixture of cultures and flavors. We serve food like in any Galician town: abundantly and affectionately; with fresh, artisan and top-quality products, as elegance from the big city.

We began our journey in Madrid, 30 years ago.

Experience and knowledge passed on from one generation to the other makes us feel today as ambassadors of the Galicia brand, which we honor by striving harder to continue being a reference of Galician cuisine in Madrid.

Our raison d’être is to take care of and serve the best food to our guests, as if they were our home guests, providing them an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

The Crew

Everyone who is part of Pazo Coruña knows that he or she belongs to a family.

Chefs, kitchen assistants, waiters, bartenders and other members of the restaurant’s crew are all essential. They are trained to serve with dedication, professionalism and friendliness to all our guests.